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WELCOME TO Mundo Da Criança


Open  (6:30 am to 6:00 pm, Monday - Friday)  


We are a small private day nursery located in a quiet residential area close to the center of Santa Ana.


We provide high-quality education and childcare for children between the ages of  3 months to  6 years.




Your children are in good hands. 


MDC is committed to deliver high standards of pre-school care and education. We employ three educational methodologies: Montessori, Centers  and Multiple Intelligences, taught in Spanish, English and Portuguese, providing a diverse and comprehensive environment. 


Our classrooms are equipped with all the necessary materials suitable for each child's level. In addition, within our premises there is a large green secure playground area for physical activities (playing soccer, having dancing lessons etc). We also have a mini-farm with some small animals for children to interact with and  a large vegetable patch where, together with children, we grow vegetables.


Our multilingual teachers are highly trained in diverse teaching methodologies.


We incorporate computer-based learning (including a computer lab and videogames) to help make learning dynamic, fun and modern. All children 4 years of age and older practice math on computers during "quiet hours". 


We cultivate and develop a desire for reading and writing, using rhymes.


At Mundo Da Criança we provide a stimulating environment to aid the progress of each child's individual development and we maintain a daily diary/log for each child.


CONSTANT VIGILANCE: Our premises are constantly monitored by CCTV cameras, to bring you peace and security.


In addition to all the above, our fees are very affordable with generous promotions and offers!

Kinder in santa ana costa rica - Mundo da Criança
Kinder in santa ana costa rica - Mundo da Criança
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